roundabout rules

Roundabout ahead, which lane?

Making a LEFT turn, take the first exit. Stay in the left-hand lane, indicate "left" as you approach and continue to indicate until you have passed through the roundabout.

Travelling STRAIGHT ahead, take the second exit.Stay in the left-hand lane but do not indicate "left" until you have passed the first exit.

Making a RIGHT turn, take the third exit. Staying in the right-hand lane, indicate right on your approach and maintain this signal until you have passed the exit before the one you intend to take. Then change to the "left" turn indicator.

Road Rules

Vehicles which are negotiating a roundabout have right of way over those approaching.

Those entering the roundabout must give way to vehicles coming from the right.

If the roundabout is clear and free from traffic, the driver should enter without stopping.

These instructions are for a simple roundabout. Take care to watch for local markings which may alter your normal position ( these may be in place to deal with heavy traffic in certain directions). Also some roundabouts have stop signs or traffic lights which you must always obey.

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